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Rigid Flex PCB: Manufacturing Process

Rigid-Flex PCBs are boards that use a combination of flexible and rigid board technologies in an application.


Guide for Selecting the Right PCB Materials for Your High-Speed Applications

Looking for quality PCB for your electronic device? Look no more, because Royal Flex Circuits has you covered! Amidst all electronic products, the elementary success factor is the PCB circuit board design and manufacturing technology, like the rigid-flex circuit board, all of which you can access at Royal Flex Circuits.

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Flexible Circuit Board Market Forecast

The flexible circuit board market has grown substantially over time. The concept of a flexible PCB was initiated in the 1900s, and it entailed conducting electrical paths that were mainly on boards and insulated surfaces.

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Flex Circuits and Their Application to Mobile and Wearable Devices

In this article, we explain what flex circuits are, and why they are widely used in mobile and wearable devices.

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Top 3 Common PCB Design Errors You Must Avoid At All Cost

Designing a PCB requires ardent precision and high-tech technological skills. For instance, a PCB layout design requires capacitors and regulators that must be positioned correctly. Consequently, if one wants to build a PCB, they should thoroughly research, plan, and gather enough information to avoid common PCB design mistakes.

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PCB 101: Different Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) construction can be carried out in three fundamental ways: multi-layered, double sided, and single side techniques. The following are some of the different types of PCBs:

2-Sided Flex PCB

Trends to Watch Out For in the Electronic Manufacturing Industry

Developments in technology have promoted the digital economy, which has subsequently enabled the growth of electronic appliances, such as the TVs, smartphones, security systems, watches, and refrigerators.

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Quality Inspection for Printed Circuit Board

Printed circuit boards are widely categorized into two major classes: flexible PCBs and Rigid PCBs. Flex PCBs can be further classified into multi-layer PCBs, double-sided PCBs, and the single-sided PCBs. There are also quality classes referred to as Class 1, 2 and 3.


Royal Flex Circuits Invests in New Laser Via Drilling System

Royal Flex Circuits, the leading provider of flex and rigid-flex circuit boards, recently installed its first LENZ high-speed drilling machine. With the addition of this new, high-speed machine, Royal Flex now can meet the growing customer demand for greater hole count per PCB panel and even more accurate hole alignment.


Royal Flex Circuits Adds Industry Veteran, Bob Meyer, to Executive Team and Installs New Laser Via Drilling System

Royal Flex Circuits has started the year off strong with additional industry expertise and expanded production capabilities. Royal Flex Circuits has promoted Bob Meyer to Vice President of Operations. Bob Meyer has been in the printed circuit board and flex circuit board industry for over 21 years. Meyer assisted in the installation of Royal Flex’s new laser via drilling system.