Guide for Selecting the Right PCB Materials for Your High-Speed Applications

Posted on Dec. 3, 2018

Looking for quality PCB for your electronic device? Look no more, because Royal Flex Circuits has you covered! Amidst all electronic products, the elementary success factor is the PCB circuit board design and manufacturing technology, like the rigid-flex circuit board, all of which you can access at Royal Flex Circuits. We provide your high-speed circuit devices with all they need to function suitably.

Flaws Experienced by High-Speed Digital Circuits

  • Impedance discontinuities in transmission lines

  • Artificial connection errors

  • Poorly plated through-hole (PTH) interconnections in multilayer circuit boards

  • Quality of equipment

  • Inferior choice of printed circuit board PCB

Key Parameters to Consider When Selecting PCB Material for Your High-Speed Circuit Application

Generally, choosing a PCB material for your high-speed circuit is determined by the degree to which they meet the requirements of the end-use application and the kind of work required to fabricate the anticipated circuit with a specific material. Some other key parameters to consider as given by Royal Flex Circuit industry are as follows:

  • Dielectric Constant (DK) and Dissipation Factor (DF) - are material parameters also capable of serving as yardsticks when comparing different circuit materials for your high-speed digital circuit applications. Understanding how high-speed digital signals are related to high-frequency analog signals is important when considering different PCB materials for those signals.

  • Maintenance of digital signal integrity, and the sharpness of its rise – you should consider a PCB material that is critical to analog millimeter-wave circuit performance for your high-speed circuit.

  • Dispersion ability of PCB material – high-speed digital circuits require a material which exhibits minimal change of DK with frequency, hence minimal dispersion.

  • Speed of digital circuits – your choice of PCB material for your high-speed digital circuit should be determined by the speed of your circuit. In that, circuit materials seen to display extremely low loss are well suited for the fastest digital circuits.

Our Products

At Royal Flex, you will find several products: multi-layer flex circuit boards, Rigid-flex circuit boards, and single-sided flex circuit boards. When it comes to our flex and rigid-flex products, we provide a variety of lucrative solutions and capabilities; from selecting the best functional configuration, to choosing the proper connectors or components, we will help you meet all your application's requirements. Our team of qualified technicians can assist you from the early design stages of your application through to the final production for all of your flex and rigid-flex circuit needs.

Rigid Flex PCB

Rigid-flex PCBs are used by both large and small manufacturers for different devices. Because of their reliability and ability to withstand rigorous applications, these rigid-flex circuits have been used by the aerospace and medical industries, as well as the military. Rigid-flex PCBs offer multiple advantages for you:

  • Saving Space – the combination of rigid boards with flexible circuits allows for a more streamlined design resulting to reduced package size and weight.

  • Reliability and Durability –rigid-flex PCBs eliminate interface connections; the fewer interface connections, the fewer sources of potential failure.

  • Cost Saving - by combining both rigid and flexible sections of circuit board, rigid-flex PCBs bend around corners and other curves in a product design.

For more information on the right PCB material to select for your high-speed applications, contact Royal Flex Circuits.

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