Royal Flex Circuits Adds Industry Veteran, Bob Meyer, to Executive Team and Installs New Laser Via Drilling System

Posted on March 1, 2018

Royal Flex Circuits, the leading provider of flex and rigid-flex circuit boards, has started the year off strong with additional industry expertise and expanded production capabilities.

Royal Flex Circuits has promoted Bob Meyer to Vice President of Operations. Bob Meyer has been in the printed circuit board and flex circuit board industry for over 21 years. He began his engineering career as a process engineer for Speedy Circuits, where he spent 21 years learning the ins and out of circuit board fabrication. While there, Bob spent considerable time honing his skills with flexible circuit boards, in particular. Now, as Vice President of Operations for Royal Flex, he continues to improve the speed, quality and reliability of flex and rigid-flex board orders. Bob also enjoys working alongside customers and helping them incorporate flex boards into their designs.

Scott Kohno, President of Royal Flex Circuits commented, “Bob is a seasoned manager with a strong background in the industry and customer-oriented focus. Having spent many years in the industry, he is a powerful advocate for using the latest technology and best production practices to deliver quality flex and rigid-flex PCBs in a fraction of the time it used to take. We are proud to have him as a member of the team.”

Meyer assisted in the installation of Royal Flex’s new laser via drilling system. With this advanced technology, Royal Flex Circuits can more quickly meet the growing demand for flexible and rigid-flex circuit boards designed with ever-smaller microvias and higher feature density.  “The laser via drill significantly increase Royal Flex’s capabilities, allowing us to deliver greater accuracy and relaibilty to our customers,” said Kohno. “It adds incredible speed to our processes and gives engineers one more reason to trust us with their projects.”

Royal Flex Circuits focuses on quick-turn flex and rigid-flex circuit boards. The company’s average turn-time is 5 days or less for all size projects. 

About Royal Flex Circuits

Royal Flex Circuits is part of the Royal Circuits Group, a highly recognized PCB company with manufacturing facilities in Northern and Southern California. The Royal Group is a full-service PCB manufacturing organization, specializing in quick-turns for prototypes and low-volume production orders. Royal Flex Circuits provides fast quotes and in-depth consultations to meet the high-quality, fast turn, flex PCB needs of all design engineers.

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