Royal Flex Circuits Invests in New Laser Via Drilling System

Posted on March 22, 2018

Royal Flex Circuits, the leading provider of flex and rigid-flex circuit boards, recently installed its first LENZ high-speed drilling machine.  With the addition of this new, high-speed machine, Royal Flex now can meet the growing customer demand for greater hole count per PCB panel and even more accurate hole alignment. 

The LENZ Multi-Spindle is one of the most efficient and accurate routing systems in the world, specifically designed for companies who are working with very tight tolerances for depth, periphery and radii. It features a robust, interlocked base unit, high accuracy mechanical linear guides in all 3 axes, and high dynamic linear motors for the X and Y axes. The LENZ also provides the ability to run a few special drill/rout procedures, such as Control Depth drilling, Counter-Sink or Counter Bore without changing from one machine to the next.

“By far the biggest benefit of a LENZ machine is the ability to drill AND rout a job on the same machine,” said Scott Kohno, President of Royal Flex Circuits. “With this new machine, we can produce flex circuit boards between 50% to 75% faster than before. Investing in the industry’s best drilling and routing equipment proves, yet again, that Royal Flex Circuits is absolutely serious about delivering quality AND speed to our customers.”

Royal Flex Circuits focuses on quick-turn flex and rigid-flex circuit boards. The company’s average turn-time is 5 days or less for all size projects.  Click here to read more about the LENZ machines:

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