PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Are you looking for an experienced, reliable PCB assembly provider? From small orders to high volume PCB assembly requirements, we can assemble both rigid and flex PCBs to your exact specifications.

As one of Southern California’s most trusted PCB companies, we offer a full range of services for our customers inclduing PCB assembly. Our experienced and capable team can design PCBs to your exact needs, manufacture to the highest standards and assemble PCBs based on your requirements.

We have processes for every PCB design, from single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer flex circuit boards to rigid-flex circuit boards designed for applications in which flexibility is needed in certain portions of the circuit.

Not sure which type of circuit board is best for you? In addition to design, assembly and manufacturing, our expert team can provide helpful advice to make sure you opt for the best option for your specific application.

To learn more about our PCB assembly services or to request a quote, please contact us. You can also continue reading below for more information on our range of PCB services, materials, processes, assembly and more.

Our Assembly Services

We offer a complete range of PCB assembly services for customers in need of small, mid-sized and large orders. Our fabrication and assembly facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, registered with IRAT and UL and ROHS compliant, assuring the highest manufacturing quality standards.

As an industry leader in quick-turn flex and rigid-flex boards, we can turn your design into a real, working circuit board on a fast, efficient assembly schedule.

Our PCB assembly services include options for all of the most common circuit board types, from single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer flex circuit boards to complex rigid-flex circuit boards.

Single-Sided Flex

Simple, affordable and reliable, single-sided flex circuit boards can be an excellent choice for your application. prior to the assembly, we will look into your exact specifications..., making it easy to turn your concept or design into a reality.

Ideal for applications that require a flexible circuit board, single-sided flex PCBs can be folded and carefully positioned, making them a great choice for small electronic devices that lack the space for larger, rigid circuit boards.

Double-Sided Flex

Like single-sided flex circuit boards, double-sided flex circuit boards can be folded and carefully positioned inside an electronic device, making them ideal for applications where space is limited and rigid circuit aren’t suitable.

Double-sided flex circuit boards include an additional conductive layer. The top and lower layers of the PCB are separated by a middle insulating area, with copper plated through-holes allowing a connection from one layer to another.

Our modern facility can assemble double-sided flex circuit boards to your exact specifications using a wide range of materials, components and dimensions.

Multi-Layer Flex Circuit Boards

Capable of holding anywhere from one to eight flex layers in addition to up to 10 additional rigid layers, multi-layer flex are widely used in AV equipment, computers and devices with a large number of separate signals.

Multi-layer can offer improved signal integrity, making them a popular choice for devices that require a high quality, clear electronic signal.

Like double-sided flex circuit, multi-layer flex circuit are made from several layers that are conductive, as well as separate insulating layers between each conductive layer. Using modern, efficient equipment, the assembly of your multi-layer flex PCBs is based onyour specifications.

Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards

Offering the advantages of both rigid and flex circuit boards, rigid-flex circuit board design have a wide range of benefits for product manufacturers.

Rigid-flex circuit boards include both rigid and flexible sections. Boards of this type often contain as many as 20 layers (in some cases, more than 20), with the board design allowing this type of circuit board to contain the entire conductor pattern of an electrical circuit.

Widely used in consumer electronics, custom builds and a range of other applications, rigid-flex circuit boards are cost-effective, durable and versatile. Thanks to their combination of rigid and flexible circuit boards, they can be designed to flex and bend in specific areas.

The assembly of rigid-flex printed circuit boards is based on your exact specifications using a range of reliable, high quality components and materials.

Quick-Turn Assembly and Prototyping

As the saying goes, “time is money.” One of the most common circuit board design, assembly and manufacturing issues is slow progress. From manufacturing delays to slow shipping, it can often take a huge amount of time to receive your PCB order when you need it most.

This can slow down your ability to iterate, resulting in delays and additional costs for your team and business as you attempt to complete new applications and prepare new products.

We offer fast, efficient assembly and manufacturing services to help you get your design built as quickly as possible. When you choose us for your assembly and manufacturing, you’ll avoid the delays, overseas shipping and other issues that are common with international manufacturers.

Conveniently located in Santa Fe Springs, our facility is easy to reach from anywhere in the Los Angeles area. From small prototyping projects to large assembly and manufacturing purchases, our aim is always to help you get your design built and finished as rapidly as possible.

We Offer a Range of Assemble Specifications

From board dimensions to shape, type and components, we can assemble your circuit boards to a wide range of specifications. We also provide a number of assembly types, making it easy for you to purchase PCBs designed to meet the exact needs of your application.

For more information on our manufacturing and assembly specifications and capabilities, please contact our team.

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Do you have a PCB design you’d like to turn into a reality? From single prototypes to large

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

orders, we’re fully equipped to turn your PCB design into a real, working PCB for your new product, device or other application.

Our team has 100+ years of combined experience in designing, assembling and manufacturing PCBs for some of the world’s top electronics brands. From design tips to manufacturing options, we can assist you with every aspect of the process of producing the PCBs you need.

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