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Printed Circuit Boards

Do you need printed circuit boards for your new product, prototype or custom build? As one of the industry’s leading PCB manufacturers, we can design, develop and manufacture advanced printed circuit boards to your exact specifications.

With more than 30 years of experience, our team specializes in high-quality circuit boards. Not only can we manufacture printed circuit boards based on your specifications -- our design team can also design custom PCBs to meet your objectives and requirements.

From single-sided flex circuit boards to advanced, custom-designed rigid-flex circuit boards, we offer a wide range of different PCB types. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, allowing us to manufacture PCBs to the highest standards.

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Our Printed Circuit Board Options

We can design and manufacture a wide range of printed circuit boards (PCBs), from simple and affordable single-sided flex circuit boards to complex rigid-flex circuit boards that contain up to 20 different layers.

The type of circuit board you choose for your prototype or product has a significant impact on its design, functionality and cost. Because of this, it’s important to choose the best type of PCB for your specific needs and budget.

Because each type of PCB offers its own range of advantages and disadvantages, it’s important to know what you’re looking for before placing an order. Below, you can find more information on the four main types of printed circuit board we can design and manufacture.

Not sure which type of PCB to choose? Our experienced team can provide expert advice on the best options for you based on your product design, needs and budget. We also provide design services for printed circuit boards, letting us design exactly what you’re looking for.

Single-Sided Flex Circuit Boards

Ideal for simple devices and prototypes, single-sided flex circuit boards are the most basic and affordable type of flexible circuit.

These PCBs are made from a flexible dielectric film. The film is laminated onto a copper sheet, with chemical etching for the circuit design. Because single-sided flex circuit boards are far less complicated than other PCBs, they’re generally the most affordable option.

The advantages of single-sided flex PCBs include a low cost and easy design and circuit board manufacturing process. However, single-sided PCBs also have significant limitations, meaning they’re typically used in fairly simple applications.

Common uses of single-sided flex PCBs include the installation and repair of certain devices and equipment, applications that involve folding and forming, as well as prototypes that have limitations on available space and thickness.

Single-sided flex PCBs are also used for dynamic flexing applications due to their ability to flex without affecting the circuit.

As experts in PCB design and manufacturing, our team can design single-sided flex PCBs to your exact specifications and manufacture in a range of quantities.

Double-Sided Flex Circuit Boards

Double-sided flex circuit boards look similar to single-sided PCBs, but feature two conductive layers. The first layer is located on the upper side of the board, while the second layer of the circuit is located on the underside of the board.

On a double-sided flex PCB, the two layers are separated by an inner layer made of insulating material. Copper plated through-holes allow the two layers of circuit to be connected through the printed circuit board.

Some of the advantages of double-sided flex circuit boards include their flexibility, making them ideal for applications where space is limited. Double-sided flex circuit boards are also compact and lightweight, only occupying around 10% of the typical space of an electrical device.

Some of the most common uses for double-sided flex circuit boards include LCD modules for smartphones, digital cameras and other compact devices.

Although double-sided flex circuit boards are more costly than their single-sided equivalents, they’re still affordable for most applications. Our expert team can design and manufacture a range of high quality double-sided flex printed circuit boards to your exact requirements.

Multi-Layer Flex Circuit Boards

Made using multiple single and/or double-layer flex circuits, multi-layer flex circuit boards pack a range of different circuits onto a single board, saving space and allowing you to fit more circuits into your prototype, device or product.

Most multi-layer PCBs are made up of at least three conductive layers. Boards of this type are available both as flex circuit boards and as rigid circuit boards, integrating as many as 10 rigid layers into one board.

Widely used in AV equipment and computers, in cases where high-quality signal integrity is a priority and in devices with a large number of separate signals, multi-layer flex circuit boards offer a range of benefits.

Because these PCBs are significantly more complex than single-sided and double-sided flex printed circuit boards, they can also cost more to design and manufacture.

With decades of combined experience, we specialize in designing and manufacturing effective, reliable multi-layer flex circuit boards. Our team can provide more information, suggestions and ideas to help you learn more about the optimal PCB type for your prototype, device or project.  

Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards

Designed to provide flexibility in one section of the circuit and rigidity in others, rigid-flex circuit boards offer the advantages of both rigid and flexible circuit board designs.

Most rigid-flex circuit boards contain anywhere from four to 20 layers, many of which incorporate advanced design technology. Circuit boards of this type are often used in high-tech applications, particularly in industries such as high-tech industry, military and aerospace.

Designed to accommodate the entire conductor pattern of an electric circuit in one component, rigid-flex boards offer numerous advantages. They have a higher component density than other board designs, as well as a high level of quality control.

Because rigid-flex circuit boards incorporate flexible areas, they can be flexed around corners and edges to fit inside a range of product designs.

With a massive range of potential designs, rigid-flex circuit boards are a great option for most customers. Our team specializes in designing and manufacturing rigid-flex PCBs and can help you learn more about whether this board type is the ideal option for your project.

Quick-Turn Prototypes

Do you need a custom printed circuit board for your prototype as quickly as possible? From our US-based manufacturing facility, we can design and manufacture your printed circuit board on a rapid schedule, letting you iterate quickly and avoid the delays of overseas manufacturing.

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