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Are you searching for an experienced printed circuit board design company? With over 100 combined years of experience in PCB design and manufacturing, our expert team can design and manufacture the custom PCBs you need for your product.

Our three-step process starts with a free consultation, allowing you to talk to our design experts about your needs. From there, we’ll provide a detailed quote for your project and complete the design and manufacturing process for your business.

From the beginning of our process to the end, our goal isn’t just to produce the flex or rigid-flex PCBs you need, but to deliver personalized, efficient and effective service to help you achieve your goals.

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Choose From a Range of Circuit Board Options

The design of your printed circuit board (PCB) plays a fundamental role in the function of your device, appliance or other type of product. As an experienced PCB manufacturer, we design a wide range of different circuit boards to suit the needs of our customers.

Some of the most common PCB designs we produce include single-sided flex circuit boards, double-sided flex circuit boards, multi-layer flex circuit boards and rigid-flex circuit boards.

Each type of PCB offers a range of advantages, meaning there’s no single “best” option for every customer. As part of our design process, we’ll carefully listen to your needs and give expert advice on the best options for your manufacturing project, prototype or new product.

Single-Sided Flex Circuit Boards

Also known as single-layer flexible circuits, single-sided flex circuit boards are our most basic type of flexible circuit board.

Single-sided flex circuit boards are made up of a flexible dielectric film, which is laminated to a single sheet of copper. Our manufacturing team then chemically etches the copper layer based on the pattern design of the circuit.

Some of the most common applications for single-sided flex circuit boards include folding and forming applications, installation/repair of applications, designs and prototypes with limitations on space and thickness, as well as dynamic flexing applications.

Our experienced team can design and manufacture high quality single-sided flex circuit boards to your exact specifications.

Double-Sided Flex Circuit Boards

Double-sided flexible circuits use two conductive layers, one on the surface and the other on the underside of the base layer. These two layers are separated by an insulating layer. With copper wire, these two layers can be connected through PTH, or copper plated through-holes.

Like single-sided flex circuit boards, double-sided flex circuit boards are highly flexible, with an elastic nature that makes them easy to position around folds and edges. They’re also compact, occupying approximately 10% of the weight and space of wires within an electrical device.

Double-sided flex circuit boards are typically used in ground and power plane applications, LCD modules for mobile phones and other devices, digital cameras, shielding applications and dense surface mount assembly.

Reliable and durable, we can design double-sided flex circuit boards to your exact specifications for your prototype or product.

Multi-Layer Flex Circuit Boards

Multi-layer flex circuit boards are made using a combination of single and/or double-layer flex circuits, which are arranged with lamination to form a single or double-sided board. Most PCBs of this type are made from three or more conductive layers, all separated by insulating layers.

PCBs of this type can range from one to eight flex layers, as well as up to 10 rigid layers. This type of PCB is typically used for optimal pick-up in AV equipment and computers, for devices with a large number of signals, or for improved signal integrity.

Multi-sided flex circuit boards are also used when stiffeners and components need to be added to a device, as well as in applications ranging from cameras to cell phones, fuel pumps and a range of battery packs.

As specialists in PCB design and manufacturing, our expert team can design and produce a wide range of multi-layer flex circuit boards based on your specifications.

Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards

Rigid-flex circuit boards combine the advantages of rigid PCBs and flex circuits, offering a range of advantages in packaging, cost savings and reliability.

Circuit boards of this type typically consist of one of several flexible circuits that are bonded to a stiffening material, with plated through holes. This allows for some parts of the circuit to have a flexible design, all while maintaining rigidity in the rest of the design.

Unlike single and double-sided circuit boards, rigid-flex circuit boards can contain between four and 20+ layers. The design of rigid flex circuits allows them to contain the complete conductor pattern of an electrical circuit, all within a single component.

Rigid-flex circuit boards have an almost limitless range of design options, making them ideal for complex configurations where single-sided or double-sided flex circuit boards or multi-layer flex circuit boards aren’t suitable.

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